The Audi Victoria Experience

The Audi Victoria Experience

Audi makes individual premium mobility come alive. Find out about current and future models, technologies and services and learn what inspires Audi in shaping mobility of the future.

When purchasing a new premium vehicle you are not only searching for something to take you from place to place but something that is in line with your lifestyle and needs. With the Experience Audi program you can choose from a selection of experiences that allow you to find the perfect Audi for your lifestyle. Our portfolio of experiences offers you the chance to bring Audi into your environment and find the ideal model tailored to your needs.

Take a look at our selection of experiences below.

Our Portfolio of Experiences

Upgrade Your Audi

Discover the new and exciting features Audi offers in your own environment. Put Audi to the test to take on your daily routines and adventures. The best way to see how Audi can fit into your lifestyle is to try it out first hand.

Go and Show

Great for all those who are too busy to make it to the dealership, a ‘Go and Show’ appointment allows for a full, tailored walkthrough to be delivered to anyone. Let us come to you with an expert outfitted with all of the time and answers to make you confident in your upcoming purchase.

Expert Experience

Book time with an Audi Expert to walkthrough Audi’s lineup. Have a full introduction to the brand history, principles, and pillars on which we stand, as well as the technology and unique aspects that make Audi different. A one-on-one experience tailored to every customer.