Audi Genuine Parts & Accessories

Every Audi needs the perfect pair of tires. Matching the tire to the top speed and loading requirement of your vehicle will ensure enhanced traction, handling and safety. When your vehicle isn't fitted with the proper tires, performance suffers, reducing traction, handling and control. To ensure your Audi is equipped with the right tires, your Audi dealer can help provide you with the proper recommendation that meets your Audi's needs perfectly. Plus we offer a price match guarantee on all of our tires and carry products from the core tire manufacturers.

Crafted For Your Audi

Genuine Parts

Audi Genuine Parts ensure peak performance, comfort and safety for your vehicle - and peace of mind for you. All Audi Genuine Parts are manufactured to strict factory specifications for high quality and long life. Every genuine part is crafted with high quality workmanship ensuring a precision fit for your vehicle.

Audi Boutique

Enhance your Audi experience with top-of-the-line accessories designed for the true enthusiast. After all Audi isn't just a brand of vehicle, it is also a lifestyle in itself. Explore the shop at Audi Victoria or see our full boutique inventory here


Experience more freedom with your Audi. Our expertise is not just about making cars that are safe, efficient and progressive. It's also about designing accessories that ensure you get the most out of your Audi. Whether skiing, cycling in the city or taking your family to the beach, we have the right accessories for your next adventure.