Tire Store & Storage

Tire Store & Storage

Every Audi needs the perfect pair of tires. Matching the tire to the top speed and loading requirement of your vehicle will ensure enhanced traction, handling and safety. When your vehicle isn't fitted with the proper tires, performance suffers, reducing traction, handling and control. To ensure your Audi is equipped with the right tires, your Audi dealer can help provide you with the proper recommendation that meets your Audi's needs perfectly. Plus we offer a price match guarantee on all of our tires and carry products from the core tire manufacturers.

Crafted For Your Audi

Seasonal Tire Difference

When the temperature drops below 7˚C and the weather gets damper you are safer driving on winter tires. Winter tires are designed with softer rubber compounds that remain flexible in colder temperatures and wetter seasons. Deeper, specially designed treads channel away ice, snow, mud and water to give you more traction than All Season tires are capable of.

Wheel Alignments

Proper wheel alignment will help your tires achieve maximum performance while ensuring they last longer on your Audi. With a wheel alignment, a vehicle's suspension is adjusted so the tires are synced together with the vehicle to ensure they have proper traction with the road.

Tire Storage

We now offer hassle free, low cost tire storage. Store your seasonal tires in our secure parts storage area. Each tire is recorded, tagged and stored safely until you next need it. When it's time to make the switch back we'll swap your tires. Simply call the Service Department and we will book you in for your tire exchange so that no matter the weather you are ready to take on the road.